Arquiges, founded in 1993, is a company dedicated to designing, calculating and laying of galvanized , lightweight structures used primarily in the construction of covered.

Our experience, our warranty

Marketed since 1996 by group Uralita, under licensed Arquiges, our estructural system, by diffusion, Arquiges becomes the reference system in Spain, galvanized roofing lightweight structures. More than 10 million square meters housing, made along these years, throughout the country, support our system. For broadcast, Arquiges becomes the reference system in Spain for galvanized roofing lightweight structures.


Most pitched roofs can be solved by our system structural, whatever their geometry and the materials used in its composition. We have partnerships with the best companies national installers of tiles, boards, panels, go lux, etc., and we coordinate to perform our jobs, not just running the structure portant, but providing our customers with fully covered completed, if they so desire.



We work with any architectural firm that we request, providing our structural solution. Thus, more and more architects incorporate in their projects, not a generic solution, but a detailed solution, optimized for each work. Our technical department provides them with both justification calculation and graphical documentation, details, measurements, etc..